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We both grew up on cattle properties in the South Burnett.  Since then we have owned a property near Meandarra in Queensland and agisted cattle throughout Queensland.  We understand cattle production and we understand the deterimental impact buffalo fly can have on livestock.

We have used various methods to treat our own cattle for buffalo fly but believe that backrubs are the most efficient and effective method.  Cattle just love them. 

In November in 2016 we purchased AC Backrubs from Keith and Carol Whyte. We quickly could see that this business only produces the best quailty backrubs and distributes exceptional products to be used for buffalo fly control.  We are excited to continue on with the AC  Backrub tradition - supplying top quality solutions for buffalo fly control.

We have found our own cattle more contented with treating themselves with the backrub on demand in paddocks rather than being traumatized by being mustered and yarded for ear tagging or spraying for fly.

Ciaran and Jayne Gentry

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