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labour-efficient fly control

Flies are a serious problem for Australian livestock industries including beef cattle, dairy cattle and horses. There are several types of flies that cause problems but the most troublesome type is known as buffalo fly (Haematobia irritans exigua). As most producers know flies can be very annoying not only to livestock but also to the humans! But did you know that flies can result in a series loss in production due to reduced growth as feed intake is reduced with fly irritation. Flies can also cause major health problems for livestock as they begin to scratch and rub – which then only exacerbates the issue. Hide damage is common because flies cause irritation which leads to self-inflicted wounds. A heavy infestation of buffalo flies may result in hairless, irritated areas around the eyes of cattle and an increase in the incidence of blight. According to a recent Meat and Livestock report, buffalo fly was one of the top five cattle diseases in Australia, costing the industry $98.1 million.


Here at AC Backrubs we are committed to providing cost-effective fly control options. There are various methods for combating flies around your cattle or horses, ranging from ear tags to dips to sprays. We believe that backrubs are by far the best way to control flies; they are not only labour-efficient but just as importantly are very effective. We find that both cattle and horses adapt easily to using backrubs.

Our backrubs are the result of years of product development and on-going modification to produce simply the best backrub available in Australia.

Our backrubs are:

  • Very strongly made
  • Long lasting
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to load
  • Highly absorbent 

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