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Organic Products For Cattle and Horses/Ponies

Queensland based AC Backrubs are the Australian distributors for the following organic cattle and horse & pony products.

Organic Cattle Coat RTU (Ready To Use)

Non toxic.

Cattle Coat for use in backrubs.

Contented cattle are productive cattle.

Available in 20 or 200 litres.

Contact us for current pricing.

Organic Cattle De-Horning Paste

Non toxic.

DeHorning paste, when applied correctly, protects the animal from environmental problems associated with De-Horning Cattle.

Ready to use De-Horning Paste can be used onto areas requiring treatment.

Available in 1 Kg.

Contact us for current pricing.

Organic Pony Coat RTU (Ready To Use)

Non toxic.

Pony Coat products will reduce stress and itch caused by flying biting annoyances and reduce constant rubbing.

Keep your Horses, Ponies and Foals happily grazing.

Available in 2.5Litres 5Litres and 20Litres 

Contact us for current pricing.

Organic Pony Balm

Non toxic.

Itch Relief - Stops Itching and Rubbing.

Soothes Cuts and Sores.

Wounds heal much faster.

Protects from Sunburn.

Available in 1 litre and 5 litres.

Contact us for current pricing.

Certified Organic

These products are all B.F.A. Certified Organic.

These chemical-free products have no with-holding period.

They are not systemic and do not come through in the dung and upset the dung beetle.

There is no residue in the milk making it them ideal for Dairy Farmers.

These products are manufactured by Organica Australia Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Queensland.

They are made up of essential oils, vegetable oil and botanical extracts.

Cattle Coat and Pont Coat are sometimes known and written as CattleCoat and PonyCoat.

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