How do they work?

April 2017 014

The backrub is a tool to apply a fly control solution to livestock. The backrubs need to be pre-soaked with a fly control solution of your choice prior to use. They are not effective on their own.

AC Backrubs recommends using AC Backrub oil mixed with an APVMA registered buffalo fly control insecticide (always follow the directions specified on the chemical label).

The backrub allows the fly control solution to be applied to the cattle as they rub themselves against the backrub. It maximise effectiveness it is critical to set the back rub up correctly.

The backrub will then allow cattle to treat themselves as they require. This is particularly important as some cattle appear to be more prone to fly infestations than others. By the cattle treating themselves on an “as needs basis” this will ensure fly populations are kept under control.