Backrub oil

The backrub is a tool to apply the oil solution to cattle. They are not effective on their own.

AC Backrub Oil

ac oilAC Backrub Oil has been specifically developed for the use in backrubs. This product is made from new paraffin oil with additives to ensure it retains its viscosity in the heat as well as making it “tacky” so it will not drip from the backrub.  This is a carrier oil to be used in conjunction with an APVMA registered buffalo fly control product. It is not effective on its own.

In the past graziers have reused sump oil to mix with insecticide. This left the cattle marked and their hides “stained” and was contaminating the meat. As a result this practice is now outlawed. Vegetable oil and insecticide mix has also been tried, however the cattle loved it and commenced to lick the mixture off each other and the backrubs. As the vegetable oil carried the insecticide it went straight through the cattle and the active ingredients killed off a large percentage of the dung beetle. With the cattle over dosing on insecticide the dung beetle population depleted, this was found unacceptable.

This is why we recommend AC Backrub Oil as the only oil to mix with the insecticide of your choice in our backrubs.